A Biometric Screenings
are a series of health tests designed to offer insight into your employees’ overall health. Sometimes called a Biometric Health Screening or An Biometric Assessment, provides a clinical assessment of key health measures. These results may be used to identify certain health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, or to indicate an increased risk for these conditions.

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Biometric Screening

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines biometric screenings as the measurement of physical characteristics such as height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, and aerobic fitness that can be taken at the worksite and used as a standalone or part of a workplace health assessment to benchmark and evaluate changes in employee health stats over time. The goal of implementing biometric screenings is to reduce health risks, improve health status, reduce health care costs, and improve the productivity and performance of the workforce. Screening results are often combined with health risk assessment questionnaire data about lifestyle behaviors and health status to provide a detailed assessment of an individual’s health.

Health Screening Events
Our team of screening professionals will set up at your location. Biometric Screening are to help control healthcare costs and encourage employees to stay healthy.

Each organization selects a set of biometric measures to record. More screening events are happening every year across North America. No two wellness screenings are exactly alike, but in general, include recording height, weight and waist measurements, blood pressure and a blood sample. We will share the results with individuals. NPG can help ensure a successful onsite health screening.